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Speed bikes are also called e-bikes,or electric bikes. With this type of machine, we really get closer to the performance of a scooter or a small 50 cc motorcycle in terms of power and comfort. Speed bikes are aimed at users who want to make this vehicle their main mode of travel. Benefiting from the EEC standard, it is approved for the road and allows to travel long distances on different types of terrain.

Power and autonomy of the speed-bike

The speed bikes we offer have a power of 850 Watts. This feature allows these electric bikes to climb up to 45 km/h or more. Efficient in the climbs and allowing a strong acceleration capacity, they compete without blushing against conventional urban vehicles.

The removable battery of our speed bikes recharges in just four hours. Once full, it offers a range of up to 50 kilometers. The bottom bracket present on these electric bikes helps the engine to start, but also to support it to achieve this level of performance.

Our speed bikes with the appearance of motorcycle roadster

A neat look, an assertive style, it is the characteristic of the modelsONEMILE Scrambler S and Onemile Scrambler V . With a round LED headlight at the front, a two-seater saddle and XXL wheels, these two models offer the feeling of riding a real roadster motorcycle. Pollution and noise are, of course.

Its use on the public highway being regulated, the speed-bike is a vehicle that allows you to move safely. Rear-view mirror, horn, powerful braking system... these legal devices are obviously present as standard.

Speed bikes developed in France

Onemile speed bikes are designed in France by a team passionate about e-mobility. Onemile has put all its know-how into the design of high-end electric vehicles. The company has been awarded several times with international awards, including the 1st prize 2017 of the Red Dot Design Award in the category "best of the best", and has filed numerous patents.

Choosing a Onemile two-wheeler means making sure you get a high-performance, innovative and robust speed bike.

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