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  • PABLO Grey - 36V 10,4Ah - Electric scooter
    Accesible fiability & confort

    PABLO Grey - 36V 10,4Ah - Electric scooter

    reliable Versatile Inflatable tires
    324,17 €
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    The Pablo electric scooter is reliable

    Made with lightweight and strong materials, it has been designed to last.

    Particular attention has been paid to locking the stem, in order to prevent vibrations, play and any risk of folding when moving, without neglecting the speed and ease of folding the scooter.

    Equipped with a 350 W motor powered by 36 Volts, the Pablo electric scooter has a good acceleration capacity. It has a range of 20 to 25 kilometers thanks to its 10.4 Ah battery. Beautiful assets for a mid-range model.

    Pablo electric scooter: Comfortable and safe

    The big highlight of this scooter is its wheels. Equipped with inflatable tires and measuring a diameter of 10 inches, they provide great driving comfort. Its tires allow good shock absorption and good grip. In addition, the rear tire is wider, which also reduces vibration.

    The deck of the Pablo scooter, rather wide, allows you to be comfortable. There is all the necessary space to place your feet comfortably and ensure your position.

    On the braking side, the Pablo is equipped with a disc brake at the rear. Very efficient, this system is both secure and easy to maintain.

    Pablo vs. Xiaomi M365: a result without appeal

    Facing its direct competitor, the Pablo electric scooter wins all the battles. Designed to more demanding quality standards than the M365, the Pablo is more comfortable, more powerful and more reliable. A small comparative list will highlight its undeniable superiority:

    •          10-inch vs. 8.5-inch tires;
    •          Motor 350 Watts vs. 250 Watts;
    •          Battery 10.4 Ah vs. 7.8 Ah;
    •          Range of 25 km vs. 30 km.

    To go further, consult the test carried out by Les Numériques or the test of the youtuber ELECTRON.

    Pablo: a versatile electric scooter

    Three speed modes are available and selectable on the Pablo's elegant touch screen:

    • Mode 1: Walking (max. 6 km/h);
    • Mode 2: Normal (max. 15 km/h);
    • Mode 3: Sport (max. 25 km/h).

    These different speeds allow you to be comfortable in all circumstances and adapt your driving to traffic. The Sport mode will make you benefit from a liveliness quite rare on a 36V model and you will get out of the flow of traffic faster.

    Lightweight (only 13.5 kg), the Pablo electric scooter is hyper-maneuverable and easy to move. It thus adapts to all users, its ability to support a load of up to 100 kg.

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    To start in risk-free electric mobility, choose quality. Discover the electric scooter PABLO, a condensed of know-how without compromise.

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    The and reliable scooter! Its advantages: driving comfort - tires 10 inches Autonomy - 10,4Ah battery Reliability - designed to last Safety - inflatable tires Design - Robust, stylish and quality Benefits E MOBILITY | Shop: Best price guaranteed 24h - difference refunded Ships in 24 hours by DPD or Colissimo 2 year warranty scooter - Battery 12 months Payment CB 4X toll Choozeo Reduction 10% wear parts

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