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  • Electric scooter VSETT 10+ SUPER 1400 W 60V 25.6AH DUAL MOTOR
    Powerful robust Shock absorbers
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    Taste the extreme sensations

    Get carried away by the experience of extreme electrical energy. VSETT 10+ is a surprisingly modern vehicle designed with good doses of adrenaline and thanks to perfectly adjusted parameters. The new VSETT 10+ scooter is one of the most efficient on the market.

    This high-end scooter with a neat design and remarkable performance is sure to seduce you with its sporty style. Its acceleration torque combined with the power of its engine will be perfect for all your leisure.

    The VSETT 10+ PRO offers a manufacturer's range of up to 160 km maximum. It has a 60V 28Ah battery that allows you to drive at a speed of about 80 km/h*. The 10-inch wheels offer a more pleasant ride. It weighs 36 kg, a fairly large weight. The VSETT 10+ PRO offers its owner a Dual Motors of 1400W brushless.

    Who is it for?

    Off-Road enthusiasts and connoisseurs of electric vehicles will have something to be satisfied with. It will also appeal to all people looking for novelty and thrills.

    Design and practice

    From the first glance we see the very neat finishes and the sporty look of the vehicle. By choosing the electric scooter VSETT 10+ you opt for a well thought out design product but also for quality and durability. The handlebar attachment system has been completely redesigned. A much easier-to-use clamping lever provides true handlebar support. The folding system has also been improved, it has never been so facie to move! Securely attached fenders ensure safe driving even if the road is not in good condition. There is also a high-quality electronic screen displaying all the information related to driving: distance travelled, speed, remaining battery ...

    Enhanced security

    The VSETT 10+ has a futuristic integrated anti-theft system. The locking and unlocking of the vehicle is done by NFC card which avoids thefts to tear it off. Always with the aim of securing your driving, the VSETT 10+ is equipped with LED lighting with integrated front and rear turn signals that can be activated very easily in order to streamline driving in urban areas. The flexibility of its suspensions certainly makes it the best Off-Road scooter on the market today. Thanks to the implementation of modern shock absorbers and 10-inch tires, you no longer have to worry about road irregularities. The scooter is equipped with two hydraulic and ventilated disc brakes assisted by an ABS system offering fast and safe braking.

    Power, safety and comfort

    The power of the battery offers the possibility to drive even further and longer. The latest generation of LG lithium battery ensures faster charging and a range of up to 160 km (depending on the driving mode). The VSETT 10+ combines two incredibly powerful electric motors of 1400W regardless of the declination. This means that both wheels of the scooter are driving wheels. It's a bit like a 4x4 but on a scooter. The performance is much better because the power of the engine is distributed on the 2 wheels. The maximum speed is impressive, about 80 km/h* in circuit mode. This power requires very specific equipment and a lot of precaution!

    The scooter VSETT 10+ in three words: power, safety and comfort!

    Attention: The speed of traffic on the public highway is limited to 25 km/h. It is forbidden to drive on the sidewalks as well as to get on the vehicle together.  Wearing a helmet, gloves and protection is highly recommended to ensure your safety. Improper use of the product can lead to serious injuries.

    *on private roads

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    The new VSETT 10+ is an all-terrain electric scooter.

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