Our selection of some of the best vehicles on the market based on their reliability and performances.

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An assumed choice

To choose an Electric Kick Scooter is a meaningful choice. Practical, ecological and economic, those vehicles are a revolutionary kind of transportation. Performances evolve non-stop in terms of autonomy, speed, weight and reliability.

A premium selection of Electric Kick Scooters

Finding a comfortable, efficient and most of reliable E-scooter can be a real Jigsaw-puzzle. This is the reason why we selected products answering to highly precise specifications. For you, we only choose top-quality Electric Kick Scooters. Conceived in France, Pablo, Z and Onemile are the brand we push forward. But also, in order to please the largest amount of Riders and to diversify our offer you’ll find a selection of VSETT, 8Tev, Minimotors and Inokim E-scooters. No doubt you’ll find the vehicles fitting your needs!

Designed for adults Riders from 12 y.o according to French legislation, all our vehicles are road-approved and respond to strict safety norms. Also important to notice that the top-speed limit for Electric Kick Scooters in France is 25 kph and might vary depending on your location.

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