It all started in Alsace, 7 years ago when I met Carel WIJNGAARDS the father of my child, who had just ordered his first container ofE-TWOW with his partner André LIU. The visionary and the computer engineer represent the two founders of our beautiful company that started with E-TWOW France.  

At that time, the technical service had invaded my kitchen and the after-sales service my living room. 2016, we hire our first employee, Jessica, whose versatility is the greatest asset. 2017, the technical service team is growing, we move into our first premises in Colmar. 2018, we are proud to enter in our catalog the brand ZERO that will become Z with Power- Zero.

We were about 15 people at that time. Quality, Communication, Import, Logistics, Accountant... The services are being structured. The start-up is gradually becoming an SME. 2019, Wine Fair, a must in our beautiful city of Colmar, I discover the Onemile brand by meeting the importer, Laurent VITTECOQ. A meeting, an obvious one. 2020, he joins our team, accompanied by his faithful assistant. At this time, our group is therefore an importer of the historical brands E-TWOW, ZERO and ONEMILE. The PABLO brand is being developed. We then decide to create emobility I shop in order to bring together our selection on a single e-commerce site. 2021, Emobility Family is 30 employees linked by this incredible adventure!


 We trust in a massive change in individual transportation. Mankind is in search of freedom and never-ending move.

We also wish to bring our values which are precious to us and want to find in the future of electric mobility, for today and for tomorrow:




Select, Design and Develop products of superior quality in order to offer our users the best of experience. E-Twow, Z and Onemile products answer all requirement in terms of qualtity, legislation, security, comfort and performances. Onemile’s foldable e-scooters are the only one in the the to comply to the EEC norm. Always in search of evolution, we keep on improving in order to offer you tomorrow’s products… Today!


Our ambition? To earn your trust as soon as you enter our universe.  


In order to make electric mobility always more reachable, our team of experts is happy to share our knowledge on the topic. In this optic, we are happy, to share our YouTube tutorials. We hope you’ll find our content helpful and useful.

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Our goal is to excel.  For this reason, we engage ourselves to deploy all the necessary means to offer you the best experiences.

Dear customer or customer-to-be, what’s on the other of an e-commerce website isn’t necessary obvious. Know that behind, a picture, a post, a chat or an e-mail there’s always a human being. This is the reason why, this person will do its very best in order to satisfy your needs.

Be demanding and don’t hesitate to share your comments and impressions, we will take them in consideration and react in adequation to them.

Finally a special note to all my team: Thank you for your daily participation and commitment to this journey! And to all of you, who took the time to read those lines, welcome to the Emobility Family!




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