Speedbike ONEMILE Scrambler V Black
Speedbike ONEMILE Scrambler V Black
Speedbike ONEMILE Scrambler V Black
Speedbike ONEMILE Scrambler V Black

Speedbike ONEMILE Scrambler V Black

Onemile extends its range to speed-bikes with an electric bike with an elegant design, ideal for all everyday uses.

Take advantage of the ecological bonus of 100€ on the purchase of your speedbike !

Réf : ONE-VEL-101

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The Speed Bike Scrambler V replaces your car

Powerful, safe and practical, the Scrambler V speed bike has all the assets to replace your car. Onemile has put all its know-how to develop a vehicle adapted to everyday uses, more respectful of the environment and which does not overlook the style.

A comfortable and safe speed bike

The digital display of the Scrambler V speed bike is a real dashboard. On this screen, you control your pace by programming several gear modes adapted to your driving style. You thus control your machine and ride with confidence. To prevent any risk of theft, this display also allows you to configure a personal lock code.

Off-road tires with a diameter of 20 inches and a width of 4 inches ensure a very good grip on all surfaces. Equipped with inner tubes and coupled to a hydraulic suspension system at the front and rear, they effectively absorb all the roughness of the road.

Feet well wedged on the bottom bracket, hands holding the handles firmly, you sit on a wide comfortable and stylized saddle. That's it, you have found the ideal position to ride in complete serenity!

A speed bike with elegant style

Onemile makes it a point of honor to develop vehicles with a neat and harmonious design. This notion of aesthetics is part of the DNA of the Alsatian brand. Inspired by the codes of the 70s/80s brought up to date, Onemile offers an electric bike with a real personality.

The open frame (V-shaped) and the seat a little lower than that of the Scrambler S allow you to easily ride the speed bike Scrambler V. Once again, Onemile puts design at the service of the user.

A powerful and practical speed bike

The 850 Watts engine gives power and dynamism to the Scrambler V. Responsive, with a good acceleration capacity, it competes widely against cars and motorcycles in urban areas. Watch Electron's test video for an overview of the features of the Scramber V speed bike.

Rechargeable in just four hours, the 52 Volts / 12.4 Ah battery of your Scrambler V speed bike offers a range of up to 30 to 70 kilometers. Removable, you can double this distance by taking with you an additional battery. Enough to spend long weekends in perfect independence. You can also take your removable battery to the office or in your home to recharge it without cluttering!


The Scrambler V electric bike is road approved

Onemile Speeds Bikes have received the EEC standard "moped". This standard allows you to travel legally on the public highway, up to 45 km/h!

Mandatory equipment

This quality certification implies that your Scrambler V speed bike has mandatory safety equipment,including an audible warning device, a mirror, rear and front lighting 3 positions (day, crossing, full headlight). These accessories are obviously standard on all our models. You will also have to register your vehicle to drive perfectly legally.

Users of this type of vehicle are also required to drive equipped with reinforced gloves and an approved helmet. These constraints ensure your safety and allow you to go wherever you want, just like a conventional moped.

Mandatory procedures

Your Scrambler V falls into the category of two-wheelers of class L1e. Up to 45 km/h, it is necessary toensureit, to hold the AM permit (unless you were born before January 1, 1988) and to registerit.

The registration of your Scrambler V is done directly on the ANTS website:

  • Log in or create your account;
  • Click on "Go to my Space", then "My vehicle space";
  • From the "Request type" drop-down menu, select "I want to make another request";
  • You thus access a form that will guide you step by step in the creation of your registration card.


It's up to you!

Now you have all the keys to make the right choice. And it seems obvious, doesn't it? Now it remains to be seen whether you will not lean more towards the passion and audacity of the Scrambler S model?

Data sheet
52V 12,4Ah
Puissance moteur
850 W
Type de transmission
Roue motrice arrière
30 à 70 km (selon le mode d'assistance)
Taille des roues
Pneus City Road + chambres à air
35 kg
Frein à disque hydraulique NUTT
Freinage arrière
Frein à disque hydraulique NUTT
Suspension hydraulique réglable AV
Suspension arrière
Amortisseurs/Suspensions Mécaniques à ressorts
Franchissement max
Jusquà 25%
LED ultrapuissante x3 avant (jour+croisement+plein phare)/feu arrière
58.8V 3A
Charge maximum
125 Kg
Dépliée : 181 X 73 X 120 cm
Coloris existant
Blanc, bleu et noir

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