DUALTRON THUNDER - 60V 35 Ah 5600W - Electric scooter
DUALTRON THUNDER - 60V 35 Ah 5600W - Electric scooter
DUALTRON THUNDER - 60V 35 Ah 5600W - Electric scooter
DUALTRON THUNDER - 60V 35 Ah 5600W - Electric scooter
DUALTRON THUNDER - 60V 35 Ah 5600W - Electric scooter
DUALTRON THUNDER - 60V 35 Ah 5600W - Electric scooter
Unmatched performance

DUALTRON THUNDER - 60V 35 Ah 5600W - Electric scooter

The Dualtron Thunder scooter is the new high-end version of the famous Korean brand Minimotors.

Réf : MIN-TRO-511

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The Dualtron Thunder electric scooter is one of the most powerful and fastest electric scooters on the market, coming very close to the performance of a scooter or motorcycle. These two super-powerful motors offer an incredible feeling of speed!

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  • picto_poids.png
    46 KG
  • picto_autonomie.png
    Up to 120 km
    of autonomy
  • picto_w.png
    Dual motors 
    2x 2700W
  • picto_plein.png
    Tubeless Tires
  • picto_charge_max.png
    60V - 35Ah
  • picto_dimensions.png
    Battery cells : 
  • picto_denivele.png
    Max. crossing 35%
  • picto_amortisseurs.png
    Max. load : 
    120 kg

Second-to-best performance

The Dualtron Thunder has two brushless motors of 2700W each, which can develop a maximum power of 5400W, enough to make these competitors pale.

The scooter is sold restricted to 25 km / h so allowing you to circulate on the public road in accordance with the law in force. On private roads this engine power will propel you in the blink of an eye at a maximum speed of 90 km/h.

Its autonomy is also increased tenfold because it will allow you to travel up to 120 km thanks to a high-performance LG Lithium-Ion battery of 60V and 35Ah. Thanks to this monster of power you will be able to climb slopes up to 35%.

For a full recharge of the battery count about 18 hours. However, it is possible to reduce this charging time by connecting two chargers simultaneously. With a fast charger the charging time is only 3 hours. With the Dualtron Thunder you will no longer need to worry about the battery charge, you will be able to ride for miles without any problems.

With all this power we can only recommend you to adopt equipment accordingly before taking the road such as gloves, knee pads, cubs and a helmet.


With such performances, Minimotors was forced to equip the Dualtron Thunder with the best.

First of all, braking is provided by hydraulically assisted disc brakes at the front and rear, which are complemented by an engine and ABS brake. A kinetic energy recovery system is also in place to optimize battery life. This braking system proves to be more efficient and accurate than most other products on the market and offers better stability to the user during emergency braking. 

You no longer have to worry about your night trips. Indeed, the scooter is equipped with classic lighting under the deck but also white LEDs at the front and red AT the rear. A stop lamp is activated during braking and it is now possible to activate warnings thanks to two pairs of orange LEDs located at the rear.You will therefore be able to circulate safely at any time of the day.

You can also choose the color of the luminous writings located on the stem that brings a design touch and the signature of the brand. However it is possible to leave them off according to your tastes. The 11-inch tubeless tires are wide, stable and comfortable. They perfectly absorb shocks as well as irregularities of the road and ensure appreciable comfort during your travels.

Handling has been redesigned in particular with new front and rear PFlex suspensions adjustable in 45 levels. We feel much safer on the road, the result is stunning! Optionally, it is possible to install Finger Print technology in order to unlock the scooter during startup. It is a safe and very ingenious system that saves you time.


An imposing design

With a weight of 43 kg, the Dualtron Thunder is a model of high-performance sports electric scooter. It is therefore difficult to transport. However, it has been ergonomically designed to be able to fold the stem and handlebars on the platform allowing a saving of space once folded. A crutch was also installed to park the machine. Ideal for storing it after use or for taking a break between two wrinkles. An LCD screen is located on the handlebars displays the speed, the status of the battery,the rear light or the automatic ignition of the device.

Powerful, design, equipped with many innovations, this Thunder is the dream of any thrill-seekers. More than a city car, the Dualtron Thunder is a scooter that finds its usefulness in all mobility situations. Its wheels, performance and usefulness make it possible for you to use it everywhere, and all day long.


Attention: The speed of traffic on the public highway is limited to 25 km/h. Please comply with applicable traffic laws. It is forbidden to drive on the sidewalks as well as to get on the vehicle together. Wearing a helmet, gloves and protection is highly recommended to ensure your safety. Improper use of the product can lead to serious injuries. Remember to regularly maintain your machine.

Data sheet
60V 35Ah
Puissance moteur
2 x 2700W
Jusqu'à 120 km
Taille des roues
11 pouces
Pneus Tubeless
46 kg
Freinage arrière
Freins hydrauliques + magnétiques + ABS
Suspension arrière
Franchissement max
Jusqu'à 35%
LED avant blanche et arrière rouge
Charge maximum
120 kg
Pliée : 115 x 61 x 51 cm ; Dépliée : 115 x 61 x 121 cm
Temps de charge
18h (3h avec chargeur rapide)
Nombre de vitesses
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