DUALTRON ACHILLEUS - 60V 35 Ah 4648W - Electric scooter
DUALTRON ACHILLEUS - 60V 35 Ah 4648W - Electric scooter
DUALTRON ACHILLEUS - 60V 35 Ah 4648W - Electric scooter
DUALTRON ACHILLEUS - 60V 35 Ah 4648W - Electric scooter
DUALTRON ACHILLEUS - 60V 35 Ah 4648W - Electric scooter
DUALTRON ACHILLEUS - 60V 35 Ah 4648W - Electric scooter
Heiress of the Storm

DUALTRON ACHILLEUS - 60V 35 Ah 4648W - Electric scooter

In 2021, Minimotors releases the Dualtron Storm, evolution of the Dualtron Thunder released a few years ago. The brand is known for its powerful and powerful scooters.

Réf : MIN-TRO-421

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  • picto_poids.png
    40,2 KG
  • picto_autonomie.png
    Up to 120 km
    of autonomy
  • picto_w.png
    (double engine)
  • picto_plein.png
    11 inches
  • picto_charge_max.png
    LG battery
    60V - 35Ah
  • picto_denivele.png
    Front and rear
    Hydraulic brakes
  • picto_amortisseurs.png

  • Turn signals

Breathtaking performances!

With its two brushless motors and its new 40A controller, the power deployed by the scooter reaches 6640W. One of the engines is positioned on the front wheel the other on the rear wheel. The Dual Motors means that the scooter's two wheels are driving wheels. It's a bit like a 4x4 but on a scooter. The power is therefore increased tenfold and makes the scooter even more efficient. It will allow you to circulate safely in traffic by ensuring an overtaking or a start to the fire in all fluidity. It will be able to climb the slopes up to 70% of inclination, so much to say that nothing stops it. The vehicle is sold restricted to 25 km/h allowing you to drive on the public highway in accordance with the law in force. On private roads this engine power will propel you in the blink of an eye at a mind-blowing speed of 100 km/h. This incredible top speed makes it one of the fastest electric scooters in the world. We strongly recommend that you have equipment adapted to ride at such a high speed: helmet, gloves, protections ... The Dualtron Storm is equipped with a high-performance Lithium-Ion battery of 72V 31.5Ah. It offers a maximum range of 100 km. No need to worry about the state of the battery, the scooter will surely last longer than you! For a full recharge count about 21 hours. However, by using 2 chargers simultaneously or a fast charger this time will decrease significantly. The novelty is that the battery is removable. The formwork of the latter is equipped with a handle, so it is easy to remove and carry it. It is a very convenient system for those who do not have the opportunity to mount the vehicle to their homes to load it.

Safety and comfort

With such power, Minimotors had to set up an extremely powerful brake system. The trott' is equipped with Nutt hydraulic disc brakes front and rear. A kinetic energy recovery system has been put in place to optimize battery life. Its brakes will allow you to stop quickly and safely. The suspensions with rubber cartridge systems present at the front and rear bring you an incredible ride quality. Shock absorbers will absorb shocks and road irregularities such as sidewalks, cobblestones or manholes. The Dualtron Storm has ultra-wide 11-inch tubeless tires. They will ensure better handling and incomparable comfort. With these ultra-resistant tires, you will be able to travel countless kilometers without any difficulty.

The Dualtron Storm is perfectly equipped for night travel. The LED lighting system has been revisited both on the deck, the stem and at the back. The scooter offers front and rear LED lighting placed at the deck. Stop lights as well as warnings are integrated into the footrest. You can also add front lights at your convenience on the bar provided for this purpose at the stem. The scooter also has flashing lights at the rear on the footrest.


One of the notable improvements is the double clamping ring that will prevent the stem from moving as on some other models of the brand. Note also the presence of a footrest above the fender allowing a sportier driving. The reinforced kickstand will allow you to park the vehicle once the journey is complete without risking seeing it fall. Its fairly substantial weight of 46 kg is explained by the number of options present on the scooter and the power of the battery / motor torque. It is a foldable scooter that will allow you to easily store it in a closet or carry it in a car trunk. The handlebars can also be folded which still offers a saving of space. Its robust frame composed of an aluminum alloy can withstand a maximum load of 150 kg. The LCD screen positioned on the handlebars displays the speed, the remaining autonomy and allows to modulate many settings.  It is possible to add as an option the unlocking of the device by fingerprint thanks to the Finger Print technology.

In addition to its power, the Dualtron Storm offers comfort and safety. Thanks to many equipments, you will be able to make the most of the capacity of this model.


Attention: The speed of traffic on the public highway is limited to 25 km/h. Please comply with applicable traffic laws. It is forbidden to drive on the sidewalks as well as to get on the vehicle together. Wearing a helmet, gloves and protection is highly recommended to ensure your safety. Improper use of the product can lead to serious injuries. Remember to regularly maintain your machine.

Data sheet
60V 35Ah
Puissance moteur
4648W double moteur
Jusqu'à 120 km
Taille des roues
11 pouces
Pneus Tubeless
40.2 kg
Freins à disques hydrauliques
Freinage arrière
Freins à disques hydrauliques
LED avant et arrière

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