DUALTRON MINI (with double brake) - 52V 13 Ah 1000 W - Electric scooter
DUALTRON MINI (with double brake) - 52V 13 Ah 1000 W - Electric scooter
DUALTRON MINI (with double brake) - 52V 13 Ah 1000 W - Electric scooter
DUALTRON MINI (with double brake) - 52V 13 Ah 1000 W - Electric scooter
DUALTRON MINI (with double brake) - 52V 13 Ah 1000 W - Electric scooter
DUALTRON MINI (with double brake) - 52V 13 Ah 1000 W - Electric scooter

DUALTRON MINI (with double brake) - 52V 13 Ah 1000 W - Electric scooter

Dualtron Mini: the new nugget from Minimotors.

Réf : MIN-TRO-251

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Power and performance

The Dualtron Mini is equipped with a brushless DC motor, it has the ability to develop a power of 1450W in peaks. This equipment will allow you to climb slopes of almost 27% without weakening. It propels you to a top speed of up to 45 km/h*. You will have the choice between 3 speed modes depending on the place in which you evolve:

-          L1 (15 km/h): to move in a busy area at the pace of other users

-          L2 (30 km/h*): on cycle paths or open roads

-          L3 (45 km/h*): only on private roads because the regulations limit the speed of electric scooters to 25 km/h

The Dualtron Mini is presented with a lithium and polymer battery of 52V 13Ah. It offers a range of 35 km when fully recharged. To recharge an empty battery count between 6 and 8h.

Quality equipment

The electric scooter has 2 double-suspensions positioned at the front and rear of the vehicle. The 8.5-inch gum tires are combined with inner tubes for superior driving well-being than other models of the brand. It will perfectly fit the curves of the road and absorb the irregularities of difficult terrain such as cobblestones. Also equipped with a regenerative integrated electric brake at the front and a drum brake on the rear wheel, it offers smooth, efficient and unbalanced braking. On the safety side, the scooter is equipped with two powerful LED headlights at the front and rear to see and be seen in the dark. On the rear fender there is also a stop lamp that activates during braking. With its IP54 certification, it is protected from splashing water and dust. It is therefore possible to drive on wet soils.

Practice and design

With its provocative design with aggressive lines, the Dualtron Mini seems straight out of a sci-fi movie. The column, handlebar sleeves, tray, suspensions, fender, lights and even the crutch have been redesigned to give this electric scooter a presence. The light bars on either side of the scooter as well as on the handlebars bring a unique aesthetic touch. It is even possible to change the colors of the light. With this new detail you will not go unnoticed! An LCD screen positioned on the handlebars displays the speed, the number of kilometers traveled or the status of the battery. For a weight of 22 kg, it is lighter than the majority of competing machines in its class. For more practicality, the scooter is foldable. It is therefore easily stored in a closet or a car trunk and will be very discreet behind your desk. These reduced dimensions make it possible to bring your machine into public transport.

To move freely in the city or save time on your daily trips, the electric scooter is your ally. All the elements are combined to offer you a comfortable and pleasant ride while remaining in a high-performance machine. It will accompany you in all your city adventures for your greatest pleasure and will turn heads in your path with its unique and futuristic design. It is an economical and responsible means of transport that will replace your traditional mode of transport without any problem even for long journeys.


Attention: The speed of traffic on the public highway is limited to 25 km/h. Please comply with applicable traffic laws. It is forbidden to drive on the sidewalks as well as to get on the vehicle together. Wearing a helmet, gloves and protection is highly recommended to ensure your safety. Improper use of the product can lead to serious injuries. Remember to regularly maintain your machine.

Data sheet
52V 13Ah
Puissance moteur
Jusqu'à 35 km
Taille des roues
8,5 pouces
Pneus avec chambre à air
22 kg
Frein tambour + frein électronique
Freinage arrière
Tambour + ABS
Suspension à ressort
Suspension arrière
Suspension à ressort
Franchissement max
Jusqu'à 27%
Feux avant/arrière
Charge maximum
120 kg
Pliée : 96 x 21 x 39 cm ; Dépliée : 115 x 53 x 106 cm
Temps de charge
6h à 8h (80% au bout de 3h)
Nombre de vitesses
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