Electric Draisienne ONEMILE - Halo S EEC Grey (WITHOUT SLIDING START)
Electric Draisienne ONEMILE - Halo S EEC Grey (WITHOUT SLIDING START)
Electric Draisienne ONEMILE - Halo S EEC Grey (WITHOUT SLIDING START)
Electric Draisienne ONEMILE - Halo S EEC Grey (WITHOUT SLIDING START)
Compact electric vehicle

Electric Draisienne ONEMILE - Halo S EEC Grey (WITHOUT SLIDING START)

  • This foldable mini-scooter is as robust as it is agile.
  • It is the only electric draisienne that benefits from the EEC standard. This standard allows you to move freely everywhere. ROUTE PEER.
Réf : ONE-TRO-013

740,83 €

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Livraison gratuite
en France métropolitaine
15 jours
2 ans
Paiement 4x
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Innovative and reliable

ONEMILE continues to surprise us with this electric draisienne! With the EEC standard, this e-scooter is HOMO ROAD and therefore allows you to circulate freely everywhere!

As for the previous model, the HALO CITY, great care has been taken in the design of this product, the choice of materials, ergonomics and design.

It comes in three colors: blue, gray or white. It is equipped with a kickstand, rear-view mirror, lighting and license plate holder.

The sitting position brings great comfort to the user who will only have to enjoy the trips safely!

Exits of 30km are possible for a charging time of 4 hours.

Compact and secure

HALO S is equipped with a 500W motor that is powered by a 36V battery. Thanks to this power and this powerful engine, you will be able to climb the climbs (crossing 25%).

3 speed modes are available and selectable on the elegant touch screen: mode 1 (On), mode 2 (Normal) and mode 3 (Sport).

Thanks to its 10-inch wheels with inflatable tires and suspension in the seat rod, the imperfections of the traffic lanes will be reduced and your movements will go smoothly.

Its drum brake system at the front and disc brake at the rear allows a perfect control of trajectories.

Compact and very practical, the HALO S draisienne has been designed to be transported in car trunks, on boats, campervans, public transport ... Its folded dimensions break records! (102x33x42cm).

Its weight of 17kg makes it the ideal partner for your business or leisure trips.

Ecological and responsible

Latest info!


After receiving your registration card, fill out your online file on www.demarches.interieur.gouv.fr. To benefit from the aid, you must be of legal age and domiciled in France.

Your draisienne must:

  1. be new
  2. be registered in France in a definitive series
  3. not to be sold in the year following its 1st registration, or before having travelled 2,000 kilometres

The application for aid must be made no later than 6 months after purchase.

Data sheet
36V 7,8Ah
Puissance moteur
500 W
30 km
Taille des roues
Pneus gonflables + chambres à air
17 kg
Frein tambour
Freinage arrière
Frein à disque
Suspension dans la tige de selle
Franchissement max
Jusquà 25%
LED avant et arrière
42V 1,5A
Charge maximum
110 Kg
Pliée : 102 x 33 x 42 cm, dépliée : 102 x 62 x 96 cm
Structure 5 ans / Pièces 2 ans / Batterie 1 an
Coloris existant
Blanc, bleu et noir

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