Preorder: Speedbike ONEMILE Scrambler...
Preorder: Speedbike ONEMILE Scrambler...
Preorder: Speedbike ONEMILE Scrambler...
Preorder: Speedbike ONEMILE Scrambler...
Preorder: Speedbike ONEMILE Scrambler...
Preorder: Speedbike ONEMILE Scrambler...

Preorder: Speedbike ONEMILE Scrambler S Orange


ONEMILE confirms its willingness to make the PREMIUM AVAILABLE
Approval Route: vou can flow freely everywhere!


  • Price-performance Ratio exceptional
  • Dynamic made by its motor 52V 850W
  • Equipment Premium - Cell Samsung, Hydraulic Brakes NUTT, derailleur SHIMANO
  • Accessories Premium large luggage rack, unlock code, USB port, rear view mirror
  • Confort 5-Speed electrical & 7 mechanical, front suspension hydraulic adjustable

Benefits of E-MOBILITY | Shop :

  • Best price guaranteed 24h - the difference refunded
  • Shipped within 24 hours by DPD or Colissimo
  • 2 year Guarantee scooter - battery 12 months
  • credit card Payment in 4X no cost with Choozeo
  • Reduction -10% on the parts wear
  • pre-order available from 25/02

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The supercharged speed-bike

Roll in Onemile is fun guaranteed in complete safety! After electric balance bikes, ONEMILE is tackling speed- bikes! True Onemile DNA, special attention has once again been paid to the electronic management and equipment of the SCRAMBLER S.

This speed bike supercharged is made for daily trips, to quickly reach the city center if you live on the outskirts. Thanks to its overpowered engine, he plays with long stretches of road. Effortlessly reaching 45 km / h, it can easily replace the car when traveling. The assist speed is variable , which allows you to slow down when approaching intersections and in dense urban areas, making your movements comfortable and fast with each pedal stroke.

Design & Equipment

SCRAMBLER S benefits from a beautiful design quality.

The 52V12,4Ah battery is removable , allowing you to load easily (4h). In accordance with the legislation, it is equipped with all the required accessories : horn, rearview mirror, 3-position front lighting (daytime, dipped, full headlight) and rear, large luggage rack, reinforced stand and USB port.

The color of the screen is configurable.

Possible configuration: determine the maximum speed in electric mode / Unlock code

The backlit control screen is a real dashboard.

It allows you at a glance to see the state of the battery, the speed, the mode engaged, the distance traveled (total / trip / duration of the trip).


The 850W motor gives power and energy to this SCRAMBLER.

This speed-bike electric is a true technical feat, both for its ergonomics, its components are selected with care and its materials. It is home to a battery that can be charged completely in just 4 hours and provide you with between 30 and 70 miles of range, depending on the assistance mode.

Comfort & safety

Tires broad typed COMFORT 4 inch, suitable for all surfaces.

hydraulic shock Absorbers adjustable front, hydraulic disc brakes NUTT.

Facilities that meet the same safety criteria that a bike : lighting, day and night, horn, rear view mirror.

Speed-bike, benefits and obligations

Ride a speed bike that is fun and quick, but it also involves the observance of certain rules.

The bicycle for which the assistance is not limited to 25 km/h, which is called Speed bike (Category L1e), and of which there is question here, depend upon the laws moped, european standard EEC.

This standard is required to be able to use his speed-bike legally. It allows you to move freely around the same as a motorcycle. This is also a guarantee of product quality.

In return, the proud owner of the speed bike is of course required to meet a number of criteria, such as :

-establishment of the grey card, registration, insurance, and be the holder of the permit AM (ex BSR, patent of road safety), except if it is born before 1 January 1988.

-In France, the user of a Speed bike must also wear an approved helmet and moped and gloves reinforced.

Finally, since the Speed bikes are considered mopeds, their use is limited to the same "playing field". In fact, the bike trails classics are not allowed to Speed bikes.

But that would roll to 45 km/h on a bike path ?

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For a life in color!

52V 12,4Ah
30 à 70 km (selon le mode d'assistance)
Puissance moteur
850 W
Type de transmission
Roue motrice arrière
Vitesse compteur
45 km/h (41 GPS)
Taille des roues
Pneus Off Road + chambres à air
31 kg
Frein à disque hydraulique NUTT
Freinage arrière
Frein à disque hydraulique NUTT
Suspension arrière
Suspension AR
Franchissement max
Jusquà 25%
LED ultrapuissante x3 avant (jour+croisement+plein phare)/feu arrière
58.8V 3A
Charge maximum
125 Kg
Dépliée : 175 x 73 X 115 cm
Structure 2 ans / Pièces 2 ans / Batterie 1 an
Coloris existant
Bleu, Blanc, Noir et Orange
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