Z11X electric scooter battery 72V 32A
Z11X electric scooter battery 72V 32A
Z11X electric scooter battery 72V 32A
Z11X electric scooter battery 72V 32A

Z11X electric scooter battery 72V 32A

Electric scooters Z11X is bestial and uncompromising. Electric scooters Z11X is the new sports scooter range Z. It has two engines with a total output of 2600W, suspensions and semi-hydraulic disc brakes ventilated, a large speed. This model will appeal to all riders .... The Z11X in 5 points: 25 km / h GPS * to 150 km range accordance with the law of 25 October 2019 on EPDM. great autonomy hydraulic braking all-terrain tire

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The Z11X you offer thrills and chills and comfort foolproof thanks to its large 11-inch tires. She goes everywhere both in town and countryside on forest roads. With a range of up to 150 km and its twin engine, you can enjoy long walks without worrying about battery life. The sporty style is sure to entice you. His combined acceleration torque to its maximum engine 5600W peak power allows you to climb slopes up to 35%! Its easy folding system allows you to carry it everywhere. Also with his crutch you can park easily and key switch offers a guarantee of safety. Without key, it does not start ...

Data sheet
72V 32Ah
Puissance moteur
2 x 1600 W DC Brushless (3200 W)
Jusqu'à 150 km
Taille des roues
11 pouces
Roue gonflable avant-arrière
53 kg
Frein hydraulique + magnétique
Freinage arrière
Frein hydraulique + magnétique
Amortisseurs/Suspensions Mécaniques à ressorts
Suspension arrière
Amortisseurs/Suspensions Mécaniques à ressorts réglables
Franchissement max
Jusqu'à 40%
2 feux avant et 4 feux stop arrière
67,2V 2Ah
Charge maximum
110 Kg
Pliée : 142 x 63 x 27 cm, dépliée : 142x 63 x 110 cm
2 ans trottinette - 1 an batterie
Coloris existant
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Z electric scooters

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