Trottinette electrique ZERO 9 batterie 48V 10A
Trottinette electrique ZERO 9 batterie 48V 10A
Trottinette electrique ZERO 9 batterie 48V 10A
Trottinette electrique ZERO 9 batterie 48V 10A
Trottinette electrique ZERO 9 batterie 48V 10A
Trottinette electrique ZERO 9 batterie 48V 10A
Trottinette electrique ZERO 9 batterie 48V 10A

Trottinette electrique ZERO 9 batterie 48V 10A

Get to know the electric scooter Z9. A maneuverable, efficient and above all reliable machine that will transport you on a daily basis to go to work or walk you.

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The Z9 electric scooter is functional

To ride with confidence, you only have to be one with your vehicle. The electric scooter Z9 allows you to be comfortably installed while remaining in total control of your machine.

A comfortable electric scooter

You will have no trouble finding your position on the deck of the Z9. The fairly wide tray has a shape that some compare to a skateboard board. Regulars and beginners alike will find the possibility to change position regularly to stay pleasantly installed at every moment.

The manufacturer Z has chosen to put 8.5-inch inflatable tires at the front and rear. Intended to ride on hard and rather smooth ground, the risk of puncture is quite low. The electric scooter Z9 then offers great driving comfort and reassuring handling thanks to its wheels surfing on the bitumen.

The double shock absorbers placed at the rear do a great job. They complement the comfort provided by the tires and save your back and arms from having to compensate for the vibrations and shocks generated by the terrain of the road.

A handy and compact electric scooter

Folding and unfolding Z9 is a breeze. The folding system set up by Z is indeed very simple: the lock, placed at the hinge between the deck and the stem, can be operated with the foot or by hand. A pressure on this lock accompanied by a constraint applied to the handlebars allows to fold quickly and effortlessly this e-scooter. The handlebars then come to house it and lock almost automatically on the back part of the deck. The action is to be repeated in the opposite direction to unfold your machine. Easy, isn't it?

The electric scooter Z9 also remains compact. Its closed format is 110 x 20 x 37 centimeters. A size that allows the Z9 to place itself in the coffers of the smallest city dwellers!

The Z9 electric scooter is reliable

Well installed on your scooter, you must be able to rely on good quality equipment to ride with confidence and safety. The Z9 electric scooter offers you the assurance of getting around on a reliable electric vehicle.

A safe electric scooter

The lighting system of the Z9 allows you a very good visibility day and night. You do not go unnoticed with its three very distinctive LED columns. Placed at the front on the stem and on each side of the deck, these blue LEDs differentiate you and allow you to be clearly visible at all times.

To illuminate the road, a powerful spot is placed at the front, at the level of the deck. At the rear, the stop lamps flash when you brake. You are covered on all sides to ride safely!

Two complementary braking systems are mounted on the Z9. Drum brakes at the rear, disc brakes at the front. This combination allows a smooth braking in normal use or a very powerful braking in case of emergency.

A high-performance electric scooter

The motor of the electric scooter Z9 develops a maximum power of 600 Watts. A performance more than enough to move on a daily basis and manage your accelerations according to the flow of traffic. This power gives you the ability to cross slopes up to 22% inclination.

The average distance from home to work in France is 9.2 km. The 48 V / 10 Ah battery that comes to power the engine of the Z9 offers you a range of 30 to 35 kilometers. The 52 V 13 Ah version will push the range to 50 kilometers. This electric scooter is therefore very suitable for both your daily trips and your weekend outings. So why not make it your preferred mode of transport?

Data sheet
48V 10Ah
Puissance moteur
600 W DC Brushless
30 à 35 km
Taille des roues
8,5 pouces
Roue gonflable avant-arrière
17,5 kg
Frein à disque
Freinage arrière
Frein tambour + magnétique
Amortisseurs/Suspensions avant
Suspension arrière
Franchissement max
Jusqu'à 22ù
2 feux avant, 2 feux stop arrière + 1 LED colonne + 2 sous deck
54,6V 2Ah
Charge maximum
100 Kg
Pliée : 110 x 20 x 37 cm, dépliée : 110 x 59 x 88/116 cm
2 ans trottinette - 1 an batterie
Coloris existant

Z electric scooters

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