Z8PRO 2021 - 48V 15.6Ah - Electric scooter
Z8PRO 2021 - 48V 15.6Ah - Electric scooter
Z8PRO 2021 - 48V 15.6Ah - Electric scooter
Z8PRO 2021 - 48V 15.6Ah - Electric scooter
Z8PRO 2021 - 48V 15.6Ah - Electric scooter
Z8PRO 2021 - 48V 15.6Ah - Electric scooter
Z8PRO 2021 - 48V 15.6Ah - Electric scooter
Comfortable and esthetic

Z8PRO 2021 - 48V 15.6Ah - Electric scooter

Versatile model, both urban and sporty, the electric scooter Z8PRO surprises with its assertive look, but also with its comfort and performance at the top!

Réf : ZER-TRO-421

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  • poids
    20 KG
  • picto_autonomie.png
    40 to 50 km
    of autonomy
  • éclairage
    2 lights front & rear
  • picto_plein.png
    8 & 8,5 inches
  • suspensions
  • puissance oteur
  • lecteur de carte
    RFID card
  • clignotants
    Turn signals

The electric scooter Z8PRO, a comfortable model

Riding the Z8PRO is moving like on a cloud. The feeling of speed and power of this model is not at the expense of comfort. A high-end equipment, for an adult electric scooter that shines in every way.

Adjustable double suspensions

It's quite an experience to take charge of the 8PRO Zelectric scooter for the first time. What surprises is its great flexibility. The design of the suspensions of this adult scooter has been carefully studied. Equipped with double swingarms, the mechanical spring suspensions of the Z8PRO are adjustable. A great plus, which allows each user to adapt his machine to his morphology and driving style.

Inflatable front tire, increvable rear tire

The electric scooter Z8PRO persists and signs on comfort by offering a pair of complementary tires. At the front, an 8.5-inch inflatable tire cushions and develops driving flexibility. The "cloud" effect is back on the deck!

At the rear, an 8-inch increvable tire incorporates the brushless motor with a power of 500 Watts. This combination of tires makes the Z8PRO a versatile electric scooter, both comfortable and enduring.

Comfortable to the end of the handlebars

From the footrest to the handle, the electric scooter Z8PRO is certainly comfortable. These few features give a good overview of the care taken by the designers to offer a machine as ergonomic as possible:

  • Telescopic stem, adjustable in height, with quick clamping ring;
  • Wide deck, equipped with a double grip band on the length;
  • Aluminum footrest;
  • Ergonomic handles;
  • Foldable handlebars, facilitating storage.

The assertive design of the electric scooter Z8PRO

Z surprised by offering a khaki green scooter. Looking at it, one wonders if it is a military model, racing or straight out of a science fiction film. In any case, its appearance does not leave indifferent.

The unique look of the 8PRO Z

What strikes at first glance is first of all the color. Z used to offering red and black scooters. With this khaki green, the brand innovates and opts for a surprising look, reminiscent of the countryside or the military universe. It goes or it breaks, but what is certain is that this aesthetic choice is assumed and unique.

On closer inspection, one wonders if the electric scooter Z8PRO is not rather derived from motorsport. On the deck, its parallel grip strips are reminiscent of some mythical models of muscular racing cars. Its double swingarms and sharp lines also reinforce this offensive and provocative aspect.

An innovative and futuristic design

The front headlight of the Z8PRO makes it immediately identifiable, even from the front. We find on the stem, in the direction of the height, a line of LED perfectly integrated. The other headlights, round this time, are present in a more usual way in the deck, at the front and rear.

Brushed aluminum chassis, elegant lines, the neat finishes of the e-scooter emphasize its futuristic appearance.

The little extras of the electric scooter Z8PRO

The Z8PRO already has everything to please. And yet, we reserve for you for the end some little more original and useful that make the electric scooter Z8PRO a real gem of technology.

An innovative contactor

No more key contactor. With the electric scooter Z8PRO,you will use one of the three RFID magnetic cards provided to start your craft. Without this card, your scooter is unusable. Convenient in case of theft! This innovative technology is practical, secure and quick to use.

An autonomous scooter and fast to charge

The battery of the Z8PRO offers a comfortable range of 50 kilometers. It loads on mains in just 8 hours, but you can also half that time using the dual charging port on the deck. Enough to chain the wrinkles without taking the risk of returning on foot ...

A versatile machine

Effective in the city as in the countryside, it is suitable for road and road trips. The combination of quality equipment makes this electric scooter ultra-versatile. So, to go to work or to get some fresh air on weekends, why not let yourself be seduced by the Z8PRO?

The innovative electric scooter that focuses on ultra comfort and autonomy

Data sheet
48V 15.6Ah
Puissance moteur
500W DC Brushless
40 à 50 l
Taille des roues
8,5 pouces avant, 8 pouces arrière
Roue avant gonflable, roue moteur arrière pleine
20 kg
Frein tambour
Freinage arrière
Frein tambour
Amortisseurs/Suspensions Mécaniques à ressorts
Suspension arrière
Amortisseurs/Suspensions Mécaniques à ressorts réglables
Franchissement max
Jusqu'à 20%
2 feux avant, 2 feux arrière + LED colonne de direction
54,6V 2Ah
Charge maximum
100 Kg
Pliée : 113 x 20 x 40cm, Dépliée : 113 x 20 x 121
2 ans trottinette - 1 an batterie
Coloris existant


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4.3 / 5 based on 15 reviews

Emmanuelle W. published the 11/08/2022 following an order made on 27/07/2022


Magnifique design, pas encore essayé mais tres beau produit, tres bien fini, clignotant et allumage par LED super

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Jean-Pierre M. published the 22/07/2022 following an order made on 07/07/2022


Pas testé encore.

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Yann D. published the 13/04/2022 following an order made on 06/04/2022


Super trottinette un look sympa une autonomie de 50 km, très confortable avec les amortisseurs, la lumière et les clignotant sont pratique la nuit. Très satisfait de cet achat

Did you find this helpful? Yes 0 No 0

Jules O. published the 12/04/2022 following an order made on 27/03/2022


Problèmes de freins à répétitions. Aucune nouvelles du SAV.

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EYMERIC D. published the 05/04/2022 following an order made on 22/03/2022


Très bon rapport qualité prix !

Did you find this helpful? Yes 0 No 0

Mathieu D. published the 25/02/2022 following an order made on 14/02/2022


Cette trotinette est vraiment solide et rapide. 20kg peut paraître lourd, mais elle est malgré tout facilement transportable et donne un bonne impression d’être construite de manière solide et durable. Je l’utilise pour aller au travail et aussi à la salle de sport ( je fais entre 5 et 10 km par jour en moyenne) et j’en suis entièrement satisfait. Elle représente pour moi la trottinette parfait pour les trajets de tous les jours !

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Pascal G. published the 25/02/2022 following an order made on 30/01/2022


Le meilleur rapport qualité /prix Sur le marché Au top

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FREDERIC S. published the 25/02/2022 following an order made on 14/02/2022


Excellent modèle

Did you find this helpful? Yes 0 No 0

Benjamin L. published the 01/12/2021 following an order made on 17/11/2021


Pour l’instant tout va bien

Did you find this helpful? Yes 0 No 0

Patrick S. published the 24/11/2021 following an order made on 15/11/2021


genial mais lourde vraiment fait pour les gros utilisateurs c'est mon cas

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